Cleaning Techniques

Clean carpets in a variety of ways, depending on what you prefer and how you clean. There are many different types of cleaning products, including powders, liquids, deodorizers and stain-resistant treatments. It is important to know the purpose of the cleaning task before selecting products. You will discover that customers are unhappy with carpets drying out and not being as clean as they expected as you continue to clean carpets. Learn how to clean carpets yourself before the problem becomes a major issue.

Common Carpet Cleaning Methods

Rotating Method for Carpet Cleaning

The technique is performed with a single disc rotary machine. The machine has a tank that contains cleaner. A rotating brush scrubs the carpet directly from the tank. A wet vacuum is used to remove the dirty solution.

: It cleans the carpet by stirring it. The blend of extraction with rotary is most effective for heavy soils.

Con : Needs to be done with skill in order to avoid ovens getting wet. It requires two machines: A wet vacuum and a flooring machine. If you want the carpet to be extracted properly, it must be cleaned in 4′ x 4′ sections.

Carpet cleaning using foam method

The foam cleaner is applied to the carpet using nylon roller brushes. The residue can be removed almost immediately with water. After a thorough dry vacuuming, it is advised to do so.

Pros : The foam prevents water from penetrating the carpet. The carpet is relatively quick to dry.

Con: Does not work well with heavy soiling. Water damage can occur if you over-wet the carpet. It can be difficult to locate the equipment. Brushes can damage elusive fibres.

Method of Carpet Dry Powder Cleaning

It is a relatively new method in which dry absorbent materials impregnated by dry cleaning solvents and detergents are sprinkled on the carpet, and then scrubbed with rotary brushes. This powder is used to hold dirt and then vacuumed away.

is a great choice for those who want to avoid water damage. The carpet can be used immediately. As soon as a spill occurs, powder can be applied to absorb it.

Cons: Not useful on heavy soiling. It is difficult to remove the powder completely and it can remain in your carpet, causing a resoiling. Brushes used to scrub the carpet may damage delicate fibers.

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